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Age of consent online dating

Bradley Morahen - a famous Australian artist, who pays huge aliments, preparing to leave home.He's heading to the Great Barrier Reef, to settle in a tumbledown shack on the island of his dreams far from the mainland.

There has been a debate in the Peruvian parliament recently.Whether to lower the age of consent for sex to 14 or to keep it to the current 18.In different countries there are different points of view, in South America mostly we are among the ones with the highest age limit (being 14 usually the age of consent in SA).In my opinion it should be lowered, if not to 14, then to 16.Mainly because in the highlands, for example, they get married and form a family many times while being very young, and the "age of consent is 18" law is usually used by mothers who don't like the girl's boyfriend in order to send him to jail. Reason today is that average kids are exposed to too much shit to be controlled, specially taking into account the kind of "parents" some children have.The Mexicans have a different culture in that they believe in lots of kids early on.

This is partly due to a fervent Catholic mentality but also the reality that most Mexicans live in poverty. In my city over half are Mexican and the goal of many is to become a proud welfare queen.

By 15-20 most Mexican girls are under massive pressure to marry and have kids from everyone else in their communities who largely already do.

That's one reason, of course there are plenty of others as well, on both sides. In Texas seventeen is the legal age of sexual consent. Some girls who are 14-16 could (and often do) pass as 20-25 physical-looks wise. births are, south-central Texas is the prime spot thanks to illegal aliens.

Which are your opinions regarding the "age of consent" in each of your countries? The Mexicans are all pregnant in my city by the time they are 17 usually. From what I've seen in Texas the whites who are pregnant by 18-20 are the ones who were raised in strict country/conservative settings, the very type that will lecture you on morality will usually be pregnant by the time they are nearing college putting all the burden on their parents.

Such whites are in decline though numerically and socially, I'd refer to them as what used to be.

It is the suburban ones with a secular slant and motivation and or modern sensibilities who are untainted and have upward mobility in this respect, most of them do not get pregnant or get someone pregnant.

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