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Application screenupdating doesn t work

Screen Updating=False does't work in VBA Excel in a specific situation (lot of workbook open). Function A: Dim b Value as boolean b Value = Application. Screen Updating = False'this works ' Treatment Application. 'this works: the value return to True into an other function thereafter, I have the line: Application.Screen Updating = False after the execution of this line, in the debug box: debug.print Application. Alex -- Alex St-Pierre Maybe Excel is getting confused with all those workbooks open, especially if all those other WBs have lots of code.

-- Ryan--- If this information was helpful, please indicate this by clicking '' Yes''.It's good practice to control turning it off/on as a 'wrapper' around lines of code that you want to hide any screen activity that may occur while it's executing. ' Turn on Calculation/Screen Updating, & recalculate Enable Fast Code False 'finish up... Hi, somehow, when starting the workflow manager on a specific CRM -demo- installation, I get an error saying "indicated crm server not responding". Can anyone point me in the right direction to try and get this working again? Clicking one application's buttons from another application Hello, I'd like to write an application that can click the buttons of another application running on the same machine.It's easy to lose track of when you have it on or off, or if Excel turned it on when you wanted it off. Calculate '//update changes End If End With End Sub To use it in a procedure: 'some code... You might want to read up on the various contexts that the Calculate method can be used so you fully understand what global effect it has, as well as how to use it on specific worksheets or cells. Without going into details: Did this occur in any of your installations (maybe after having changed something in SQL server)? All my application knows about the target application is its name, the name of the window containing the buttons, and the name of the buttons. I want to create a WBS using Excel and roll up the effort points.It can get very confusing and makes debugging a harder chore than necessary. ' Turn off Calculation/Screen Updating Enable Fast Code 'do stuff you want to hide screen activity for... Can someone further my education in this matter in some way. I actually do it in a little utility I wrote to move Outlook filters down, since the "Move Down" button doesn't autorepeat and when you have 850 anti-spam filters it becomes a bit unwieldy. Whoever helped you post this question, have them help you do a google search on "WBS Excel" "Brian 76" wrote: I want to create a WBS using Excel and roll up the effort points. I cover using excel for this in my WBS Training at Nankivel ...running another application from my application Hello, I have an MDI application that on a specific case runs a 3rd party application."Alex St-Pierre" wrote: This can sometimes happen if you turn it off (set False) in a procedure your code goes into break mode. So if you are using F8 to step through your code it will appear to not be working.Understand that in this case it's been disabled and so is normal behavior.

Some other things to know about using Screen Updating: Besides hiding screen activity while code is running, that in itself makes your code run faster because screen activity is suspended and so doesn't require refreshing as code executes.

Another setting that commonly accompanies this is Calculation.

Even though screen activity is temporarily suspended, Excel is still calculating whenever cell values change.

It's better to turn that off until all the work your macro is doing is finished, then turn it on and force a calculation so values update.

(A definite 'plus' when running long procedures or processing large amounts of data) Excel always turns Screen Updating back on after the procedure that turned it off ends. We are not seeing any errors in the event viewer on the DC or the exchange 5.5 server.

If this procedure was called from another procedure that also turned it off then it may have no effect until that procedure ends or turns it off, .so on up the call stack. The ADC was setup several years ago and has stopped working a couple of weeks ago.

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