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Australian dating show taken out

In 17th century, Talise, the English navigator, arrived in Au Lai with European civilisation.The island residents saw Talise curiously writing diary, using sharpened stick dipped in ink.

Before a group of Asian-Phillipinos decided to see how long the water was 10 metres deep for, there were a bunch of ugly and sloppy group of people called bogans.As the Asians arrived, they brought food,which the bogans tried to scab at and this caused a war.The Asians won and bogans have been hated ever since. The British took control after a bizarre administrative error which also created North Korea, Poland, That other country with the two Islands and Sweden.The first Queen of Australia, Captain James "Jimmy" Chook, built the first Aussie "barbie" (barbeque, not the doll - she came later after Ken moved in), on Lady Macquarie's Chair on Point Bennelong.Potential tourists should note that Australia is populated by vicious, venomous creatures (both native and feral) that can kill a full-grown man in seconds. Australia was first colonised by the Bogans around 60,000 BC (Before the Great Bogan Lader Costello), known as "Tell Him He's Dreaming Time".Australia was originally part of a super-continent called "Gone Awayland" which included "The Other America" (South America) and Canada, as well as "African America" and Caucasia. The following account accurately summarises the history of the ensuing years: "Back to 8th century AD, Australia still consists of many tiny islands.

The mythical islands of Aotearoa (Noy Sealand) were also thought to be joined to the super-continent. There was a tribe of natives, living confined from outside. Kangaroo was divinised as sacred animal, the embodiment of God.

However these countries decided to "split" from Oz (as they put it). The animal was named KAIGELU (kangaroot), meaning Son of the God.

Betty the Second, (Liz Windsor), aka: Bess, Betty, Betsy, Liz, "Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth". "England with spiders" or "British America" (commonly pronounced "Ostralyuh", or "Horstrayllia" by Her Majesty The Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II) is the Great Southern Land, Bogan Land, Ozi, Down Under, The Sunburnt Country, The Best Version Of New Zealand, The Best Island Of All, The Terra Australis, Oz or (Terra australaeionesia cowardiana), quite the spiffing continent.

Australia is a Commonwealth country known mostly by foreigners as Great Britain with a less fruity accent, with sun in the sky that you can actually see and get third degree burns from.

It is also called "Oz" for short, or "Down under", after a popular position among ibis rapists.

The name "Australia" originates from the Aboriginal word "Walla'borongamala" meaning "where the bloody hell am I? Australia is the world's second favourite desert wasteland with only one or two interesting cities and a medium level of social-censorship, behind the UAE. Australia then became the largest island in the world, but was later discovered to be nothing more than a hilariously undersized continent.

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