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Blind dating subtitle

"Sassy Sicilian" Caterina reckoned that love was like a rumba and she was looking for "Mr Handsome: tall, broad shoulders, strong".

She also seemed to protest a little too much that she wasn't crazy or controlling.Tom, "fresh off the plane from Broken Hill", dined happily with Vanessa, a small-town girl from Bright in Victoria.As the opener hopped between the tables, it didn't quite spend enough time with each of the couples, but nevertheless emerged as the least intrusive and demeaning of the lookin'-for-love shows.In this series, no one's proposing marriage, getting married, trying to out-fox a rival or passionately declaring undying love.The opening episode, featuring a handful of couples, offered up a tasting plate of types.International model Aiden said that he fancied a French Polynesian style of gal, and in bounced exotic-looking "incurable romantic" Emily, from the Seychelles via Brisbane. There was a whole lot of flirting, eye contact and hair action at their table.

Then came a very nervous Nicholas, who could easily have been played by Luke Mc Gregor.

He likened himself to "an excitable puppy" and at one point had to excuse himself from the table to phone a friend from the toilets and get tips on what he should say to the much more composed Dannii.

Channel Seven's entry into The Great Dating Game Glut of 2016 arrives exhibiting a surprising sweetness and resisting the kinds of invasions of personal space that are common in the realm of reality TV.

The network that has previously offered (Wednesdays, 9pm), opted for a production that doesn't rely on cruel competition or feed as greedily on the discomfort and humiliation of the participants.

Adapted from an English series that has screened on ABC2, follows the progress of a range of singles selected for blind dates at a Brisbane restaurant.

Clearly, this represents a cost-effective gamble for Seven as almost everything takes place in the establishment, which looks like a TV studio fitted out to resemble a swish eatery.

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