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Camp counselors dating

Summer Positions – Current openings for camp summer employment.Apply for positions in Water Sports, Land Sports, Arts, Wilderness Adventure, Health Care, and camp support.

Our goal is to form them into a cohesive unit with common goals and commitment to our tradition.We only want our overnight summer camp to be lead by men and women who share the same visions and values that we do.Questions New Counselors Ask – Ask questions, get answers, and decide if you want to work at a traditional summer camp.Our counselor positions are exciting and challenging. You've triple-checked to make sure you both have multiple emergency contact methods …and you're secretly looking forward to some private, no-child-around-for-a-few-weeks time.

But before you drop off your kid at his summer camp of choice, you should know that not everything is as sunny as the camp counselors would have you believe.

Sure, your child will almost certainly be fine, but be aware that many camps have serious sanitation, safety or personnel issues they'd rather not disclose.

We're going to make sure that you and your little camper are mentally geared up for summer camp and are prepared for every possible situation.

First up, find out how to make sure all the employees at the camp can be trusted with your child.

Secrets Of A Great Camp Counselor – Our summer camp for girls and boys is only as good as the men and women who lead it.

Many of our counselors return from the previous year, and many are Adirondack alumni; all are held to a high standard.

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