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Common dating erykah badu

He also connected the theme of to the recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police officers. Angie decided to switch up the subject and ask Com about his well-known history of famous women in his life.

Common may be one of the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment industry but the rapper turned actor has had his share of heartache over the years.He won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, and the track “Glory” is also up for Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards.Before closing the Grammy Awards with a performance of “Glory” with John Legend, Common stopped by Angie Martinez’s radio show to discuss the song, the movie, and more.“Ava Du Vernay, who directed Selma, she asked me to do a song,” said Common.“It was a day I was just laying down in my bed, and I was like, ‘I need to just call up John Legend and we need to start working on this song.’ I was just feeling the spirit about it.” Common explained how his experience of playing a character in the film moved him to want to write the record. It’s nothing like crazy.” Watch Common’s interview below.I don’t know if I’m marriage material, maybe someday” he said. Sometimes that’s hard to balance with a relationship.

I do like relationships, but a lot of times when I’m in relationships, I don’t make my best albums.

Put it this way, I would have to find the right relationship.

He recently opened up about his past relationships with Erykah Badu, Taraji P.

Henson and Serena Williams in an interview with According to Common, Serena and Erykah were his most serious relationships.

“It’s like once I’ve experienced that person its like man, sometimes life goes on,” he said.

“I can’t say I never would go back but Serena and Erkyah was the most serious relationships that I had as an adult and after, it’s one of those things, it’s like, ‘I have to move forward.’ It was real love right there. I was like if I’m not supposed to be there, we’re just supposed to be friends.” Now, he’s unsure about whether or not he will ever walk down the aisle. I was thinking about that last night while talking to one of my lady friends.

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