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Cumdating com

We hide behind social media and let our profile pages do the talking.

Not only because it posited a less intense alternative to the app notoriously associated with casual sexual escapades, i.e.“My friend and I always end up in the same boring routine; a quiet bar, two bottles of white, two bottles of red, the usual.” The usual. A close friend recently asked me how I felt about Singapore’s dating pool.As a prospective newcomer to the city, he held a rightful amount of curiosity paired with a subtle dose of concern.Given this technological age, we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to organically meet someone in the street with a simple “hello”.If you want to see the best, and worst, dressed people in the City making awkward chit chat and swapping personal phone numbers tonight, be sure to head to Fashion and Finance – a “networking” event devoted entirely to the singletons of London’s fashion and business worlds.

Social Concierge, the City-focused matchmaking service behind the new monthly meet-up in Covent Garden, says to expect big names from Barclays to Burberry at the networking-cum-dating mixer.

Indeed, when discussing the business-meets-dating extravaganza at a Mayfair party earlier this week Guy Winterflood, ex-stockbroker turn­ed data-company Letyano chief (also the son of City grandee Brian Winterflood), couldn’t wait to sign up and show an out-of-town friend something new in the capital.

Winterflood Jr told The Capitalist that Fashion and Finance makes a welcome change to the life of a blue-blooded City boy.

Grindr, but because it gave its users enough wiggle room to justify it as simply ‘getting out there’ and socialising.

Now, that is not to say Tinder is immune to its fair share of predation.

One only has to flick through the amusing Instagram account @tindernightmares, to realise that their Tinder experiences could have been much, worse.

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