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Dating a chick with a kid

However, I believe it’s definitely worth a shot at love.

#2 – Money will always be an issue (unless your partner is rich).From child support payments to daycare fees, children are expensive and your partner may not always have the funds you expect. Many people can’t deal with the baby mama/daddy drama.Not saying every situation is dramatic but you have to be willing to deal with other parent involvement in your life.You have to know your role and allow them to communicate and do what’s best for their child.However, it is your partner’s responsibility to make sure things are platonic and cordial.Let’s face it, it’s 2012 and it may be extremely difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a child.

If you want to travel the world with no strings attached then you should probably walk away.

Everyone is not equipped to be a parent, let alone a parent of a child you didn’t conceive.

So the first date or couple of dates are going extremely well until he/she admits that they have a child.

Do you look past the fact that they have a child (or children) and see where things take you? If you’re willing to settle down with a person with a child (or children) be ready to deal with the factors that come apart of the package: #1 – Time is limited and you will probably always be in second place.

Or do you walk away from the situation because you know you’re not ready for kids? This is a two edge sword, consider them a good parent if they put their child’s needs before you.

However, this can be very problematic in a romantic relationship especially if your partner has full custody of the child.

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