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Dating brazillian women

Most were impoverished sailors, who were far more interested in profitable trade and subsistence agriculture than in territorial expansion.Nonetheless, sugar soon came to Brazil, and with it came imported slaves.

This interracial mixing of three very distinct genetic pools, would no doubt have an impact on the future hotness of Brazilian women.” There are so goddamned many gorgeous Brazilian women that it just seems to be a stone-set fact of life that Brazil manufactures beautiful women as a matter of course.For Chrissakes, one country produced all the following women: Alessandra Ambrosio Adriana Lima Isabeli Fontana Izabel Goulart Ana Beatriz Barros Gisele Bundchen and Juliana Martins Brazil has the highest GDP in all of Latin America, with significant agricultural and manufacturing sectors and an enormous labor pool.It makes some sense, perhaps, that with their economy going so well, Brazilian citizens are generally less panicked and take the time to care for themselves.It’s common knowledge among men the world over, that Brazilian women rank among the hottest on the planet. How To Make A Country Full Of Hot Babes In Only Two Centuries: A Short History of Hotness in Brazil Brazil’s history is just as exciting as it’s current affairs, filled with ups, downs, and conflicts that could compete with any box office action thriller.The Portuguese were the first European settlers to arrive in the area, led by adventurous Pedro Cabral, who began the colonial period in 1500.

Little did Pedro know he was planting the seeds of future hotness that would become the famous the world over.

Unlike the colonizing philosophy of the Spanish, the Portuguese in Brazil were much less focused at first on conquering, controlling, and developing the country.

As a result, Brazil’s population is a population of mixed babies, who through some miracle have managed to discover the perfect cocktail of the best genes available to man.

Most Brazilians possess some combination of European, African, Amerindian, Asian, and Middle Eastern lineage, and this multiplicity of cultural legacies is a notable feature of current Brazilian culture, and an EXTRA notable feature of the sexy bunda packin babes you’ll see all over Brazil… Portugal so treasured the colony of Brazil that they actually sent its people gold bullion to protect its integrity — quite an unusual action.

It’s almost as if Portugal knew Brazil had something special in it, something that made it a South American treasure worth protecting and keeping pure.

In other words, they must have known the place was more or less dripping with smoking hot babes. The Portuguese made some half-assed attempts to colonize parts of America, Canada and other South American areas, but Brazil was their baby — their hot, bikini-clad, long legged baby whom they would cut off several fingers to have sex with. I realize, of course, that this article seeks to explain why Brazilian women are so hot, but — as many philosophers and Douglas Adams have stated — often the only reasonable answer to “why” is “why not?

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