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Dating marriage online ruining

10 Ways Social Media Has Ruined Dating Our tech-driven society has been at the helm of many wonderful things.

One thing that social media and technology have not benefitted is modern dating culture.Elite Daily’s Stephanie Hayman expounded upon the ways that texting has definitively ruined facets of dating.“Our generation, one that lovingly relishes in the concept of instant gratification, has single-handedly managed to undermine the art of dating by means of technological evolution,” she says. Via speech bubbles that appear on a 2 x 4 screen” Hayman went on to note the pernicious advent of things like the “buzzed texts” singles frequently receive from would-be companions.“The illusion that is all-encompassing of the classic ‘booty call’ text has the ability to become too routine.Remember the days when landlines weren’t archaic and it was actually considered normal for those in the 20s and 30s age bracket to own one?The only landline I receive a call from now is the one located at my parents’ house and even seldom use it anymore.

Seriously, ever since my parents learned how to text (and learned what “lol” stands for) they can’t get enough of texting me and my sister.

They still kick it old school with the occasional voicemails, but I digress…

In fact, social media and technology have basically ruined dating and romance as we know it.

Gone are the days of handwritten love notes, mustering up the courage to formally ask someone out on a date, and ambitions for monogamy rather than hooking up.

Millennial daters have been ones that are said to be part of what has been coined the “hookup culture” and much of said hooking up is steeped in social media and technology.

Let’s share a collective groan and take a look at 10 ways social media and technology have ruined dating.

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