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Dating millionaire russian

They have paid a thousand dollars for each week of the course.There are dozens of such “academies” in Moscow and St.

Who will make me feel as safe as behind a wall of stone,” says Oliona, a recent graduate, employing the parallel language of the gold digger (what she means is she wants a man with money).Usually Oliona wouldn’t even think of talking to me, one of those impossible-to-access girls who would bat me away with a flick of her eyelashes.But I’m going to put her on television, and that changes everything.The show is going to be called How to Marry a Millionaire.I had thought it would be tough to get Oliona to talk, that she would be shy about her life.“Business theory teaches us one important lesson,” says the instructress.

“Always thoroughly research the desires of the consumer. Study his hobbies; then change yourself accordingly.”Gold Digger Academy.

Apply this principle when you search for a rich man. A pool of serious blonde girls taking careful notes. The academy has faux-marble halls, long mirrors, and gold-color-painted details. You go for your gold-digger lessons, then you go get waxed and tanned.

On a first date there’s one key rule: never talk about yourself. The teacher is a forty-something redhead with a psychology degree, an MBA, and a shrill smile, her voice high and prim, a Miss Jean Brodie in short skirts: “Never wear jewelry on a first date, the man should think you’re poor. Arrive in a broken-down car: make him want to buy you a smarter one.”The students take notes in neat writing.

Quite the opposite: she can’t wait to tell the world; the way of the gold digger has become one of the country’s favorite myths.

Bookstores are stocked with self-help books telling girls how to bag a millionaire.

A roly-poly pimp, Peter Listerman, is a TV celebrity.

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