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Dating my harmony guitar

Stills' original backing band - Conrad Isidore alternating with Dallas Taylor (drums); Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels (bass).Stills' later backing band - Jerry Aiello (keyboards); Donnie Dacus (guitar, vocals); Russ Kunkel (drums) Joe Lala (percussion); Kenny Passarelli (bass, vocals).

Also, we've put Neil Young's numerous solo records on separate page, leaving this page just with links to the Young records we've reviewed.If you're looking for biographies, concert reviews, and so on, there are two good, up-to-date web sites you might want to check out: the Crosby, Stills & Nash web site, and the Neil Young site.(JA) Lineups: Crosby, Stills and Nash - David Crosby (vocals, rhythm guitar); Graham Nash (vocals, rhythm guitar); Steve Stills (lead guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards); Dallas Taylor (drums).CSNY - same as CSN, but add Greg Reeves (bass) and Neil Young (lead guitar, vocals).Reviewed on this page: Super Session - Crosby, Stills And Nash - Deja Vu - Stephen Stills - If I Could Only Remember My Name...- Songs For Beginners - Stephen Stills 2 - Four Way Street - Another Stoney Evening - Wild Tales - Stephen Stills Live - Wind On The Water - Stills - Illegal Stills - Whistling Down The Wire - Long May You Run - Crosby/Nash Live - CSN - Daylight Again - Right By You - American Dream - Oh Yes I Can - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents David Crosby - Live It Up - Stills Alone - Thousand Roads - After The Storm - Looking Forward CSNY was hugely successful, but perhaps they're over-hyped.

One could say that CSNY was neither as good nor as important as two of the bands whose leaders originally formed it - David Crosby's Byrds, and the Stills-Young dominated Buffalo Springfield (Graham Nash came later from the Hollies, who continued without him; and yes, I'm well aware that the Byrds were "really" Roger Mc Guinn's band).

One could also argue that although CSNY is best-known for its harmonizing, their harmonies were never as sophisticated as, say, those of the Beach Boys.

Despite all this, you've got to give these guys some credit. Second, the "soft rock" and "singer-songwriter" genres of the 70s owed everything to CSN's debut record and other early efforts by the band's members, even though Joni Mitchell far surpassed them in artistic terms.

First, the band had a central role in the West Coast subplot of the 60s rock play - Crosby and company crossed paths with just about anyone of note from L. And finally, unlike so many of their colleagues, CSNY were able to put together one solid, commercial effort after another, long after their initial successes - even if they only rarely convened to re-form the band.

This page does include solo records by the band leaders.

We are missing quite a few of them, however, because we have focused on their very early and very recent albums.

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