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Dating sites people suffer depression

Bipolar II depression is identical to bipolar I depression and major depressive disorder and is diagnosed in the same way.

But let’s try to get rid of the terminology confusion: What is the difference between bipolar type I and bipolar type II?Bipolar disorder type I was the first recognized form of bipolar disorder and truly personifies “manic depression.” Manic depression was the old term for the disorder and in spite of the fact that the term “bipolar” has been around since the 1970s, you still see manic depression in a variety of places both for historical reasons and simply due to lack of up-to-date knowledge.In reality, manic depression and bipolar are the same thing.As the term manic depression implies, bipolar type I consists of two mood states: Depression and mania.Depression is a low mood state and in bipolar disorder the diagnostic criteria for depression as the same as for major depressive disorder.Mixed moods, where evidence of mania and depression occur together, are currently considered part of bipolar type I (and not bipolar II) but will be included as part of bipolar type II in the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Bipolar disorder type II was actually recognized very early on as well but wasn’t initially included as a mental illness diagnosis.

In bipolar II, a person experiences the same depression as in major depressive disorder but they experience hypomanias – literally “lesser” manias – elevated moods that aren’t as high as manias.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in research, I forget some people are looking for some introductory information like the different between the types of bipolar disorder.

Thanks to commenter on my Google Plus feed, I was reminded of this fact and I decided to answer her question here so I could give her more detail.

Unfortunately, within bipolar terminology resides more bipolar terminology.

But don’t be scared, I have information on most terms on my site and I shall try to walk gently into that good encyclopedia.

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