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Dayton webcam girls

Lynx Fulfillment has devised Lynx Pro, which is a software program that integrates with any shopping cart for brick-and-mortar and online retailers using ecommerce.

Our awesome fulfillment staff receives, picks, packs and ships your products to your customers, retailers, distributors or anyone you choose… Imagine how much more time you can free up and how pleased your customers will be to get their products within a couple of days.How many other companies are confident enough to guarantee that every order placed by 2 P. will ship the same day with 100% accuracy or it’s FREE? Our dedicated account managers will work with you and keep you informed of any issues that may arise.And how many other companies let you try their service for three months and in that time if you are unhappy they will ship your inventory to any other U. Best of all you can call, email or instant message your account manager when it is most convenient for you.You have worked hard to get your products into the big name retailers only to find out that their requirements for labeling, packing and shipping are time consuming and burdensome.This is truly the way to build a successful business, and we’re here to help you do it.When you began your web based business you dreamed of having more time and less stress.

Now that your business has grown to unexpected levels, perhaps the overhead costs, inventory handling, labor requirements and paperwork have become burdensome.

Now, it seems like your time is spent pushing paper or packing boxes and less on sales, marketing or development. Lynx Fulfillment gives you the ability to scale your business while having peace of mind.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, when we first launch, we may not realize all the “behind-the-scenes” stuff that goes into making a business successful.

You just have a great idea and sometimes roll with the punches to discover what works best and what doesn’t.

Over time, you may come to realize that many of the tasks you either do yourself or pay employees to do are just too laborious, often costing you more in time and resources than you care to spend. As an industry leader in warehousing and fulfillment, we totally “get it” and understand your dilemmas.

That’s why we designed a business model that is highly flexible and that adjusts to the growth of your business, while placing high emphasis on customer service by delivering with speed and accuracy, modern technology and seamless interfacing so that you can focus on other more important aspects of business growth.

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