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Desktopdating org

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money. I am a simple person and do not consider myself as somebody specialand i am very glad that i am interesting for you.i live in a little provincial town with ordinary houses, streets,parks.When i first looked your profilemy heart stopped for a moment and i thought then that maybe you are exactlythe man whom i am looking for a long time. Whatever happen in my life I try to keep high spirit.Thank you very much for your appearance in my life,you full it with ajoy, hope and believe..true love exists in our cruel world. Hello my dear friend xxx,after having read several love stories at the dating site I trulybelieve that one day I will also share my successful story. It's ratherdifficult to make me mad or even lose my mind in any situation. There is a wonderful weather now, the sun is shining, The winter comes to it`s finish and spring will next, and I have my ownspring in my soul and in my heart.I'mdetermined to find the right man and to become a perfect wife for him. Imaintain good relations with the people of my circle. I love to celebrate my birthdaybecause for at least once a year I meet all people whom I love. There were really close andfriendly relations in my family, but when I was 13 my parents haddivorced. Now I'm in a festive mood and have a big smile on my face. Birds are singing and my heart is singing togetherwith them.I'm an optimist,and I don't like being upset for a long time. Nevertheless, they had remained friends for all those years. We have just discovered each other and we are still kept ata distance.Unfortunately, my father died last year and that was a great loss forme. You have the ability to keep me wondering, inquisitive anddesiring you. s a wonderful feeling and keeps me interested in you,our relationship and our future.

I miss him very much, because he loved me very much and supported mein anything I need. She is married and now live in other city with her husband Maybe it's interesting for you to know that I am a hairdresser. May be you want to know why I had started searching mymate through the web.

I'mexcited to be able to create a new image for a lady. It is difficult to explain but I'll try to makeit in details.

It called Roven`ki which situated in Luhansk oblast` or regionin your language, Ukraine.

There are my favorite job,my friends, myfamily in my life but till this moment i can not find a person withwhom i am ready to spend all my life and upbringing the children. I have known the real value of life and think that we shouldhave respect, honesty, happy and family Love and passion.

I think that our life is the most important gift that we have receivedfrom Gods. I know in the network is difficult to find an ideal person, but I have beenalways thinking that it is possible. i`ve decidedto seek a special person and I found you.

i hope so much that our friendshipwill grow into something greater than that.

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