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Dj sbu still dating terry pheto

The entertainment industry often comes with warnings of the fickle nature of the industry as well as stories of success followed by obscurity.Terry seems to have worked consistently over the years on television, print and film.

From the Oscar award winning Tostsi to ‘Catch a Fire’ Terry seems destined to work with more international directors and garner recognition in the North American market.She conducts herself in a manner that suggests that she has been working with heavyweights throughout her career.She has struck up a close bond with internationally acclaimed director Phillip Noyce after working with him.He is now a cherished friend and mentor to her, they speak once a week.Once her grandmother was finished Terry would continue the story telling to the other kids.“I’d let my imagination run wild and see myself in these stories.

I knew then that’s what i want to do for the rest of my life tell stories.” The young storyteller from the Vaal has become that and more.

She features in television dramas on the public broadcaster’s channel, movies on the big screen and billboards on the urban landscape.

The South African actress describes herself as a “story teller, a daughter, sister, a friend and a big dreamer” and “an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams and ideas.” Those dreams and ideas have taken her to the Kodak theatre, earned her a contract with one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands and roles in feature films locally and internationally. She grew up in a large family with lots of cousins, aunts and uncles.

She believes that her humble upbringing prepared her for where she is now.

She is aware that the position she occupies is one that many young women aspire to be in. I respect everyone and I never take anything for granted.” Her acting career seems predetermined.

When she was younger her grandmother used to tell her and her family stories at night.

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