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Dyslexics dating marriage and parenthood

Dr Steve Chinn is an honorary advisory member of the Register of Educational Therapists (Singapore) and has advised the Dyslexia Association of Singapore about their Master's degree course.Steve is co-founder and then Chair of the Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexics (CRe STe D) and currently Chair's Dyslexia Action's Education Advisory Committee.

More recently Steve has been lecturing in Melbourne training teachers.His current (big) project is a set of norm-referenced tests + book on diagnosing and assessing maths ld and dyscalculia for Routledge/David Fulton.He has a new edition called ''Addressing the Unproductive ....’ which was short-listed for a nasen award in 2011.Steve has been asked to set up and Chair a BDA sub-committee on dyscalculia this year.He is also a Member of ESRC Peer Review College Dr Steve Chinn runs training courses for teachers across the UK and has lectured on learning difficulties in maths in over 25 countries worldwide.To contact him or for more information please see his website Katherine Hewlett is the founder and a Director of the Achieve Ability National Network started in 2004 as a HEFCE funded Aimhigher project now a Not for Profit organisation with a Social Purpose.

Katherine has steered and managed Achieve Ability projects since the start of Achieve Ability in 2004.

Achieve Ability successes are due to the high calibre of people who have worked as a team with Achieve Ability.

Dr Steve Chinn is an internationally recognised expert on Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

Steve has taught for 40 years in mainstream schools, in Further Education and in Special Education.

Dr Steve Chinn has written several books based on my classroom research including "The Trouble with Maths" which won the NASEN/TES "Book for Learning and Teaching" award in 2004.

The second edition of "Sum Hope", now titled "Dealing with Dyscalculia: Sum Hope2", was published in September 2007.

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