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Erotic photo exchange

Although discriminatory legislation sometimes likes to let you believe otherwise, there are fundamental differences between erotic power exchange and domestic violence (abuse).Erotic power exchange should always be based on the "VICSS" concept. Voluntary: all partners involved in erotic power exchange activities of whatever nature should decide to do so of their own free will and choice and without any force applied. Such can be the case if either of the parties faces (or fears to be faced with) economical or social repercussions if he or she does not go along with what the other partner(s) wants.

If either of the partners feels forced, for whatever reason, the situation is non-voluntary.Informed: all partners involved in erotic power exchange should base their decision to do so on correct information and should be able to judge the situation and possible consequences.A simple "yes" often is not enough, especially in cases where it is doubtful whether the person saying "yes" does or can know what the implications are or can be.Consenual: all partners involved should agree to what's going to happen (or is happening) and should have the possibility to evaluate previous decisions in the event they're faced with emotions, reactions or information they feel is of importance to their situation.Sane: decisions with respect to erotic power exchange activities should be made when all partners involved are of a clear mind.This means that people who are into erotic power exchange activities very much depend on their own judgment, often without references.

Seeking advice is difficult, since it may be very hard to find a reliable source - in general terms as well as with respect to your own personal situation.

However, there are some general rules of thumb to go by when evaluating your personal position or a situation you are about to enter: Communication: Communication is paramount when it comes to erotic power exchange. If you feel your arguments, feelings and thoughts are disregarded you have stumbled on another warning signal.

Consent that results from the use of drugs, alcohol or the rush or the situations is not consent.

Safe: erotic power exchange activities should be safe, both physically and mentally and in the event physical or mental risks are taken - for example in an edge play situation - people should be well informed about the possible risks, implications and repercussions.

Although the majority of the people involved in erotic power exchange usually have very high moral and ethical standards, there's no standard moral or ethical code when it comes to erotic power exchange.

Since EPE is such a personal and intimate activity it's questionable if such a moral code can be produced at all.

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