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Games dating makeover 5

Contestants are in a vulnerable position—their hearts are exposed and their competition is all around.My vantage point in this game show has taught me these five insights about relationships.

While it can certainly be great for immediate gratification, it lacks tactile romance, the sense of occasion and mystery and wonder than only a game-show environment can provide.Long-lasting partners are able to tease each other without getting their feelings hurt.If a lover (let alone a game show host) gently pokes fun at you and you take offense, your chances of winning (in the game, or in a relationship) are greatly reduced.Any lies that may have been told and any secrets kept over the course of a relationship will be exposed in front a crowd of friends and strangers during the "Newlywed Game." Contestants are advised to reveal anything they've been hiding from their partner before the show, or risk embarrassment and a very public break up.The beautiful woman, or the ruggedly handsome man, are only as attractive as their personalities in this courtship ritual.No one is out of anyone's league, and this is empowering to those who aren't 9s and 10s.

In life, as in game shows, wit and charm often trump good looks.

People who don't have a sense of humor about themselves, who can't laugh at themselves, have a terrible time on the Romantically Challenged stage.

High School Makeover (Dress-Up Game) is a game with 6 levels. Drag and drop clothing items according to the occasion to make your date look cool.

Remember your date will not want to part with some items he is already wearing.

By Max Rykov I have shared a stage with hopeful lovers, hopeless lovers and soon to be ex-lovers. For the third year in a row, I will host "Romantically Challenged," an event modeled after the classic TV shows, "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game," just before Valentine's Day.

Romance-themed game shows provide a unique glimpse into the human heart.

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