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Gbd pipe dating

The medium to fine ribbon cut lights easily, the intoxicating flavor is instantly upon me.

Pipe Used: Savinelli King Cross Age When Smoked: 27 I got my hands on a 25+ years old tin that needed rehydration.After using the paper towel method and transferring the whole thing into a jar, I waited for a few days so that the tobacco flavors settle.A musty, fermented, sour and Latakia rich smell invades the nostrils as I fill my pipe.The tobacco ranges from black to dark brown, there are some lighter bronze strands but overall it's a dark mixture. A two or three months ago one friend called me on the facebook messenger, and says me: "Hi, i have a some tins from The Balkan Sobranie...". But later he said, these tins are the Original Balkan Sobranie, and was propriety from a collector, who died and your daughter gave me. I suppose a classic chapter in pipe-smoking is now closed, although I am sure that lovers of this blend in its heyday would envy us our personal acquaintance with people like, say, G. First: I never really imagined smoke the legendary The Balkan Sobranie. Germain's new blend already arrived here in Brazil...

To everything there is a season, if I may coin a phrase.

I will prove the New Balkan Sobranie and I really wish they would have achieved a blend as good as the original, because I think just like that, honestly, never will be.

This traditional mixture of rich Virginia, Latakia and rare Yenidje tobaccos is Sobranie's oldest blend and offers a mild yet rich taste. Notes: Presently, the best readily available production/date information is per John C Loring's "DATING ENGLISH TINNED TOBACCO", 1999: 1970s: (and prior) Sobranie Limited, Sobrainie House 1970s: (briefly) Sobranie Limited, 17 Worship Street 1970s: (late) Sobranie Limited, Chichester Road 1980s: (early) Sobranie of London, 65 Kingsway 1980s: Sobranie of London, 34 Burlington Arcade 1990s: Sobranie of London, 13 Old Bond Street Then Gallaher produced this blend until the mid-2000s. s London Mixture more conservatively and more finely integrated; in comparison, Sobranie seemed a little bloated sometimes, a little relentless. This tin, my tin, had more or less 30 years, and was perfectly conserved, yesterday a smoked the last bowl...

BALKAN refers to the Greek Macedonian yenidze [ jenidze, yenidje, etc.] tobacco that gives this blend its characteristic flavour and aroma. I have smoked it many times since, but it never became part of my standard repertory. The insistent Turkish twang was fun, but not all the time. Its post-modern re-incarnation, BALKAN SASIENI, is the same mix, yet not the same mix at all: the grade of tobaccos and the proportions may be the same, but modern-day orientals seem to be blander, more generic than formerly, and the Cypriot ? during all the time I used a Savinelli King Cross, This is a small pipe, burns a 20 minutes, but a did a 40 minutes... Many people say of the Balkan Sasieni, Mc Clelland's Blue Montain are examples of tentatives from your blenders to get close of the Balkan Sobranie.

I know of no other in which this essentially condimental tobacco is so much to the fore. You can see how it is a hard composition to blend, with ingredients often hard to obtain, and whose consistency over 130 years has been variable to say the least! , and not, lately, much of a money-maker: English tastes, in this as in everything else, have become coarsened and vulgarised; and so, once it was deprived of its big American public, this blend simply became problematic and unprofitable. Now I know how was the original and now i can compare.

It has a peaty, brackish astringency that is quite unique as a taste? To this is added a large quantity of fiery, tenebrific, real, SYRIAN latakia, all of it held together by the background? That and its uncompromising flavour do not augur success with the masses. Has a rich experience for me and this tobacco was a unique in months because even when stored for so long, still provided good smoked, full of flavor.

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