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Girl guide to dating

Like I said earlier, feelings are scary for the heartless girl.Her deciding to trust you with hers means she likes you, a lot. Yeah, she might say those three magic words but it might take a whole lot longer than expected.

She'll show her love different ways, maybe by being a little nicer than usual.However, if you're lucky enough to hear them, she means it. She's not laughing at you (hopefully), she's laughing because of how awkward she feels.The heartless girl has no idea how to handle emotional situations, especially sensitive ones. Because, sometimes she will want those romantic gestures.She doesn't have a sensitive side, and feels broken because of it. If they're occasional and sporadic, they will mean a whole lot more to her. That'll make her run away, like if you disclose your feelings too early on. Girls that don't get all mushy in relationships, that aren't into romantic gestures, and will most likely laugh at you if you try to be overly emotional and sensitive.We don't cry much, we love raunchy comedies, will take a beer over a glass of wine, and can most likely hangout with your guys and hold our own.

Though all of these things sound nice, it can be a struggle to date us (my boyfriend can attest to this).

In addition to the already mentioned qualities, there are a lot of qualities that make heartless girls some of the most difficult to date. She only makes an exception for you because she kind of likes you. Kiss her in private, hug her only when she needs it, and hold her hands on special occasions.

Here's a guide to help the trying significant other navigate the mind and heart (what little we have) of the heartless, emotionless girl. However, the idea of being hugged and kissed on for a long period of time, and being in front of people when it happens? If she really wants to publicly display her affection, she'll initiate it and won't get mad and embarrassed when you reciprocate.

If you show strong feelings too early on, she will run as fast as she can in the other direction. Feelings are SCARY, especially to a girl that claims to not have any and has hers buried way down deep. Tiny, tiny bits of feelings at a time are the key to a long term relationship.

Divulge too much and you'll lose her before you even get to see her have feelings of her own.

It most likely took a lot for her to trust you with her feelings, especially if they're real feelings and not made up crap to make you feel good.

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