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Internet dating site rankings

Latest Review: It's a total scam stay away guys, do not trust them with your credit card details I have to cancel mine at the end.There is monthly charge opening & closing the account charge. Latest Review: I found the site not what it is, asking for money for everything, to send messages, gifts, filtering, dairies, etc, its all about money.

Latest Review: When you join this site you get 40 or 50 messages from young women, you can't read their messages as they fuzz them out, once you pay a subscription fee you get to read the multiple messages,... Chasing me for money when haven't used site for a long time and tried so many times...Also I've specified men up to the age of 50, but 50% of my matches are over 50. Latest Review: what a joke dating site more like a cheaters .There are so many married and partnered men on this site and they lie about it ...people don't put current pics of themselves ..there profiles are...Latest Review: Majority of profiles appear to be computer generated. I strung them along, asked very specific questions about where they lived. Latest Review: Jointed up and paid with credit card to red hot pie asked for my E mail confirmation went to access the site the password did not work.If you attempt to contact a person via the IM system, as soon as you hit send the person suddenly becomes off line. Latest Review: is the WORST dating site I have been on. Emailed support and they said my email was not linked with...Latest Review: I am a current member who can see the pros and cons of this site.

The one issue is the males have to pay for subscription which includes access to the chatroom where as a female can be a trial...

Latest Review: I had noticed one picture of a woman saying she is local when I noticed in the picture the furnishing in the photo was European.

She since hasn't been on for at least a month. Latest Review: Out of 10 matches I get sent, maybe 2 or 3 are from the same state as me.

Latest Review: I was not warned of a pending renewal until the date of direct debit. Latest Review: Amazing dating site its free and ezy not like rsvp its so expensive and hard to use!

I cancelled the same day- no refund though, even though it states a 3 day grace period. Latest Review: You can't cancel your account, they keep asking for money. also Olusive is 100% Australian owned and the database of members is also 100% Australian! Latest Review: I have met 2 long term partners and made some good friends on OK Cupid.

It is free, easier to use and has better matching than other sites that charge a small fortune. Latest Review: Free registration, free to write the first letters and site is simply in using!

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