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Intimidating company names

*** What does Thrash Ntrash have that you don't have? In the above scenario, normally you wouldn't realize who killed you, but you happened to glance into the corner of the screen to catch his name. If you want to be remembered, your first task is choosing a memorable name.That’s right, that gamertag caught your eye three times in a row. Trying to create one of those aforementioned jerk online personalities?

Or maybe you can't intimidate in person, so you figure you might as well to create your fantasy persona online? Be sure to also check out 120 Badass Nicknames and 100 Gangster Nicknames for more badass name ideas.:)Hi Rogue Rider, Thanks for reading and responding.Because male gamers are the norm, you kind of have to go over the top in order to make gender clear.The reason girly names are great is because teenage boys abhor getting killed by girls.No matter what name you want, it's likely that your first choice will be taken, but don't turn all Hulk on your Xbox: Try a different variation or spelling and you might find your ideal name isn't as impossible as you thought.Creativity is key in making a name that will ensure a notorious online reputation. (And keep your clothes on, please.) Now time to watch Burnsy make fun of a player with a bad attitude! The best thing a girl gamer could do is keep her name gender neutral.

You’ll be receiving friend requests and hate mail before you know it, and that is exactly how you know your gamertag is a good one. Some of these tips are great, like use your name, keep it simple, and communicating personality. Two things considered annoying as hell are ALLCAPS and Mi Xe DLett ERs. The attention you get from Super Hot Chick won't be the kind you want if you want to be taken seriously.

Follow the first 3 tips and you'll have a great tag.

It’s a known fact that girls are taking up gaming at an exponential rate.

One thing a guy might hate is getting killed or beat by a girl in an online match.

So if you’re a girl, be proud and show it in your name!

All you need to do is take a bit of a girly sound, mix it with some badass, and you’ve got yourself a name!

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