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Is johnny gill and eddie murphy dating

My my my: The sparks are flying, but Sherri tells friends she and Johnny are taking it slow.She has been married twice and is in the throes of a bitter divorce with Lamar Sally.

The group Bell Biv De Voe, a break-off trio from New Edition, was one of Sherri's special guests.'Johnny stayed off camera because they want to keep the fact that they're dating low key.But he was there to celebrate her farewell from the show and she was happy he was with her,' the source explained.During the Los Angeles tour stop for New Edition at the Nokia Theatre on Aug.3, Sherri even ended up on stage with Johnny's other group member Ralph Trasvent.During Ralph's solo set, he brings several women on stage to serenade and Johnny let Ralph sing to Sherri.Gill joined New Edition in 1987 as one of its lead singers and has performed and recorded as a solo artist.

His acting appearances have include a cameo role on the hit TV series Family Matters and the 2006 film Madea’s Family Reunion.

Sherri and second husband Lamar, who separated in May, remain embroiled in a very bitter divorce.

He is attempting to have their prenuptial agreement overturned in an effort to get more then his predetermined compensation.

The two are also fighting to work out a settlement for the child that Sherri arranged for Lamar to have via a surrogate.

He wanted her name listed on the birth certificate but she has opted not to be involved in the child's life.

She has a son, Jeffrey, 9, from her first marriage.

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