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Mandating gardasil

Huff October 26, 2011The massive controversy over Texas Gov.

Fiala asserts that HPV is not even itself responsible for causing cervical cancer, which makes the vaccine completely useless at accomplishing the very thing for which it is marketed.I had two very unpleasant “therapeutic biopsies” called colposcopies, and two years later, it was normal. But I remember hearing about the approval of the Gardasil vaccine when I was a resident and thinking, “Amazing!Today’s girls are so lucky.” I have a very different perspective on this intervention today; in fact, my feminist sensibilities are outraged at what is being done to girls and young women around the world.I’d like to share an introductory primer to these concerns.Be forewarned, after reading this, you might have trouble enlisting pharmaceutical companies to keep you healthy in the future.This is, perhaps the most important concept to wrestle with when it comes to providing and mandating pharmaceutical products in otherwise healthy populations.

These products are based on a now largely antiquated notion of exposure to virus = infection and, as a corollary, that antibody production = protection. My dad, on the other hand, came back in with a new crop of blisters every time he walked outside.

Now we know that neither of those premises are true. I’m sure you’ve been the one who has been left unscathed when the flu ran through your house, or maybe you’re the one who always seems to get sick.

And as we previously reported, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also known since at least 2003 that HPV is not associated with causing cervical cancer as well (

But none of this has stopped Merck and its lackeys in the government and media from continuing to endorse the “money-making machine without any benefits for patients,” as Dr. And this was made abundantly clear when the mainstream media went on its rampage against Rep.

Michele Bachmann following her recent comments about Gardasil’s dangers at the GOP presidential debates. Fiala has been fighting against Gardasil in Austria for years, especially after several otherwise healthy and vibrant young girls in his country died just days after receiving their Gardasil vaccines. Fiala says it is “used infrequently,” thanks to widespread awareness of its potential to seriously injure and kill those who receive it.“To say Gardasil has a suspect safety record is a big understatement,” said Tom Fitton, president of Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch, to WND.

Kelly Brogan MD When I was in medical school, I had my first abnormal Pap, and it was quite abnormal, a precancerous lesion described as CIN2 (now revealed to be one of the most inaccurately diagnosed pathologies).

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