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Marlon wayans dating

While Damien Dante’s family is known as ‘The First Family of Entertainment,’ he says he says life wasn’t so easy. “I don’t want to get chicks off my last name,” Wayans says.

We never went public because there was nothing to go public about.” Wayans says the two were able to stay friends after breaking up, “She is still one of my best friends to this day.We remained friends because we respected each other and we loved each other beyond just the physical.” Besides dating Hall, Wayans was also rumored to be dating Tatyana Ali. “Tatyana is like a sister, but she is beautiful and talented…who wouldn’t want her,” Wayans says, “You look at it like, ‘Why not [date her]?’ But [I can’t] she’s my sis.” Along with his personal relationships, Wayans discusses his relationships with his family members.He says they’re all close but when asked which his least favorite family member is, he said “Marlon.” His reasoning is not because of a clash of personalities, but rather the fact that they are so similar, “We are a lot alike.” Also in the interview, Wayans talks about his new show, That’s A Friend.“This is the show that puts friendships to the ultimate test.We all say we’ve got that ride or die friend, we’ll we’re gonna see,” says Wayans.

He describes one situation where a guy gets into a fake argument with a woman, goes into another room with her and all you hear is the guy saying, “Don’t point that at me,” and fake gunshots.

“Does the guy’s friend come into help the other friend? Wayans’ new show will premiere March 4th on You Tube.

Los Angeles, CA, March 4, 2013 –(blackhollywoodlive.com)– Damien Dante Wayans, made an appearance on the Black Hollywood Live Network Friday night.

In the interview Wayans discusses why he would never date Tatyana Ali, how his new prank show, That’s My Friend, may turn friends into enemies and tells hosts who is his least favorite family member.

“I can’t believe Oprah knew my quotes,” Wayans says.

The Dance Flick director and his family sat down with the media mogul recently on her show, Oprah’s Next Chapter, and Wayans recounts how amazing the experience was for him. [I] lived in the projects, grew up in New York City.” Wayans admits his family did help him get started in the industry, but he doesn’t like to throw around the name to get what he wants.

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