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Newcs not updating

1) .209 CCcam: =================================== 2) .212 CCcam: starting CCcam 1.2.0 compiled on Jul 5 [email protected] 11) .215 CCcam: card added to broker with caid 500.3) .212 CCcam: =================================== 4) .276 CCcam: online using node Id 578103ff60952939. 12) .018 CCcam: card added to broker with caid 4a70. 16) .134 CCcam: read_ignorefile: cannot open /var/keys/CCcam.ignore or not found.

Just start a second Telnet session, type the command ps and press Enter.The active processes will be displayed and should look like the following example: 1: [email protected]: Web Server and other EMU’s connection settings The CCcam webinfo server provides information about the current CCcam status and its connections through a web page.This option provides clear information about all the connected clients, the active clients, as well as the servers status. Therefore, to access the webinfo sever using your browser, type .If set in your CCcam config file, you will be asked to enter the user name and password.Copy the bin file to /var/bin and set the rights (attributes) to 755.Copy the config file to /var/etc/ We are now ready to check in details how CCcam really works, using the Telnet utility In Windows, - Start - RUN - and type Telnet (or your Dreambox IP number) and click OK Login (root). Type cd /var/bin to go to /var/bin, check whether you are in the correct directory (for Linux ls=dir), check the file colour, the CCcam file should be green.

At the prompt, type "CCcam –dv" making sure to match the file name as well as capital letters.

The –dv command will give you the possibility to see each step that CCcam does, through an activity log that should look like the following one. 8) .920 CCcam: provider key: (hier steht die abonummer). 10) .121 CCcam: provider key: (hier steht die abonummer).

The following tools are required to be able to use the CCcam on your Dreambox 1) Linux compatible editor, such as Ultraedit32, Notepad ++ or Crimson Editor (freeware) 2) FTP software like Flash FXP 3) A syslog utility like 3csyslog (freeware) 4) A Telnet utility, the Windows integrated tool will do the job The first part is for beginners.

Installing CCcam The CCcam archive is composed of 2 files, a bin file and a config file.

In the original RAR archive, the authors have saved the Dreambox binary file as CCcam.ppc, whilst the config file is the same as for any version.

It is suggested to rename the binary file in CCcam as it will help make the following Telnet procedures easier.

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  1. Всё, что Вам нужно сделать, чтобы стать премиум (GOLD) пользователем пожизненно и открыть данную опцию, это совершить единовременную покупку любого количества токенов!

  2. I have tried to update my firmware by putting USB in MTC mode then moving the m300a1into the Sansa Clip Icon but when I move the icon to the trash and unplug the clip it doesn't upgrade.