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Open windows keep updating itself

Download A holistic view of application performance Enterprise organisations are constantly being asked to do more work with fewer people, as the size and complexity of infrastructure and applications continue to grow unabated.

The original wording suggests he wants to know how to stop Google Play itself from updating to the latest version, not how to stop it from updating other apps automatically (though it's somewhat unclear).BEWARE: This and similar approaches above have one drawback: BATTERY DRAIN and INTERNET LIMIT exhaustion.The new version will be downloaded to /cache, it will try to update itself, it won't succeed but it will try again after a new reboot. Your Play Services and Store should stay at the current, old versions.Mind the fact you won't be able to use latest Google application versions and that some applications like games and navigations depend on latest Google Play Services sometimes.Instead of creating a file and preventing modification with permissions it just creates a directory, which can't be overwritten by the updater.Now you can re-enable the internet connection and it will not update unless the directory is deleted.

Here is a list of steps I took to prevent Google Play Services and Google Play Store to update.

It's inspired by the reply above but takes a different approach.

Note: If you use your Linux distribution's packaged version of Firefox, you will need to wait for an updated package to be released to its package repository.

This article only applies if you installed Firefox manually (without using your distribution's package manager).

The new standard in wireless networks and supporting the future needs of clients 802.11n is certainly not dead and whilst manufacturers are still recommending 802.11n deployments, enterprise IT managers should give some thought to and make plans for the eventual implementation of 802.11ac.

This white paper discusses how 802.11ac is being designed to meet the demands of clients in the future, help you understand the technology, what is likely to happen in the transition from 802.11n to ac and how you can get ready to meet these new demands.

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