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Problem updating ati driver

About ATI Drivers: This page discusses ATI Drivers and how to properly identify and download them.It also explains the importance of keeping your drivers up-to-date and some of the challenges with updating ATI Drivers.

ATI is a subsidiary of AMD that develops and produces graphical processing units or video cards, as they are most commonly known.A driver contains all of the interfacing and operating instructions for a hardware device.The ATI video driver instructs the ATI video device how to communicate with the other hardware devices that make up a computer and with the operating system that the user interfaces with.ATI developers attempt to improve the performance of the existing ATI video device by making changes to the driver that will allow it to operate more efficiently and with increased compatibility.Most notable of all their products, the Radeon line of video cards has enjoyed over a decade of success amongst computer users.After years of research and development, the Radeon card has evolved into one of the best multi-purpose graphical hardware devices.

Although they are specialists in hardware design and manufacturing, ATI also develops small software components for their hardware that creates functionality for the device and bridges the compatibility gap between hardware and software.

These small software components are called drivers.

Founded in 1985 as Array Technologies Incorporated (ATI), the graphical hardware powerhouse has maintained, throughout it's history, a standard of excellence in the progression and innovation of new and unique graphical and video hardware.

A video card or graphical processing unit is the computer hardware device that interprets graphical signals and produces them as images on the display unit.

The video card is responsible for alleviating all graphical processing tasks from the central processing unit (CPU) in order to more efficiently handle processing tasks and enhance the performance of the computer as a whole.

Following the merger of ATI and AMD in 2006, the combined efforts of both companies have displayed some of the finest video cards and graphical hardware devices that are available today.

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