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Rich chinese women for dating

If you are dating Chinese women, either in your own country or in mainland China, or even doing a bit of online Chinese dating there is probably something you should know first: Many Chinese women who’s native language is actually Mandarin, don’t really translate the word ‘dating’ or ‘date’ from English into Chinese, into the meaning you might think they do A ‘date’, when translated back into Chinese frequently only means an ‘appointment’, and doesn’t necessarily contain the romantic connotations the word in English does.

This can also be the case if the girl in question has immigrated from China to a western country.All the girls know he takes other girls out, and all the girls know he does pretty much the same thing with those other girls, that he does with them, i.e. Apparently (and this comes from the horses mouth) what they are giving is the pleasure of their scintillating company, and the grace of their presence, not to mention giving him good ‘face’!Personally, I can do without ‘face’, and could do with a bit more of ‘the other’, if you catch my drift.In Chinese Karaoke bars, KTV, you can pay for a girl to sit beside you and ‘entertain’ you.Now, I’m not alluding to anything sexual here when I say ‘entertain’, I mean they apparently entertain you by merely sitting there and sometimes making conversation and perhaps singing a song if you ask them to.It takes quite a few years before they adapt to the western concept of dating, as in going out with a guy actually means something; some never do in fact., with often no actual interest in developing a physical relationship on either persons part.

In some ways, it’s actually one of the nicer aspects of Chinese culture.

Not every Chinese male dating Chinese women is trying to get into the girls pants should he get the chance (having said that, there are many others who are, but by ratio, less than non-Chinese males).

I have a Chinese male friend who consistently ‘dates’ a selection of Chinese girls. Many Chinese girls seem to imagine in fact, that to be taken out by a male and have dinner and a movie paid for without any chance of a potential relationship, is their God given birth right.

I once tried it out of curiosity with a group of friends.

The girls were brought into the room and you pick one, pay money and she plops herself down beside you.

I felt so uncomfortable and actually bored (she was no conversationalist, in Chinese or English), that I ended up ‘entertaining’ her! somethings not quite right with that picture now is there?

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