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Roblox is updating please wait

These issues are making it virtually impossible for users to access games and are rendering their PS Vitas useless.

While some users initially reported the instructions worked and they were able to download games, shortly after, connection issues returned. At this point it is unclear what is causing the problems with the PS Vita update and connecting to the Play Station Store and Sony has yet to make any official statement regarding the issue.As we learn more about the situation and a possible fix, we’ll be sure to update this article.In the meantime, if you’d like to give the rebuild instructions from Sony Support personnel a whirl, we’ve included those below.How To Fix PS Vita Connection And Network Issues (Per Sony Support )1) Power off Vita.2) Start Vita in safe mode and format memory card.3) Power off Vita.4) Start Vita in safe mode and restore system.5) Power off Vita.6) Start Vita in safe mode and rebuild database.7) Let Vita start itself up, but don't choose to enter your PSN account.Let it start up completely vanilla, only entering your date and essentially setting up for trial use.8) Via Settings, set up your Wi-Fi network.9) Via Settings, enter your PSN log-in.Note: if a membership is currently in the process of renewal, you will need to wait until this process is complete to update your credit card information.

If the membership does not renew, due to an expired card for example, you can then simply repurchase a new membership.

If You Can't Log In Our Agents cannot take your full billing information over the phone or email, but they can help you log in to make the change yourself. Please provide identifying information such as billing name and the last four digits of the card number.

Sony’s latest PS Vita 3.57 update is causing huge network connection and battery drain issues for users, which remain unresolved.

The problems, which users reported earlier in the week , mainly deal with trying to connect to the Play Station store.

Users report when attempting to make the connection, their devices gets hung up with an endless “ Please Wait” message.

Additionally, while the device is attempting to connect it has a problem going into sleep mode, which drains the battery quickly.

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