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Sex800 me

The CEO forms a weird friendship with the first person he feels like he can get close to - only because he seems absolutely harmless to the man.The story portrays their changing relationship which goes from a possessive codependency to something entirely different. You’re gonna lose the pants and hop your skinny ass up on the desk for me." Rhys stares at him for a full five seconds before blinking. ” “For the love of- This is my welcome back party, idiot. I’m sure you’ve all heard the good news by now, or at least waved at it as it floated by the windows.

This body’s got a cherry to pop so congratulations, your greatest wish is about to come true.” There’s no good reason for him to pick a fight with a stranger at three in the morning, even if the stranger is inconveniencing the hell out of him, even if he does seem like a complete asshole, and even if his shoulders look broad and muscular in a way that makes Rhys’ stomach do flip-flops.-"I see you taking the last of the thing I need from the supermarket and I am pissed about it" AU Rhys thought he was ready for anything when he arrived on Helios as a newly minted Hyperion worker bee. I’m expecting at least one more before the day’s end, so don’t disappoint me.I’ll be waiting." ----- The story of how Rhys fell in love with the most hated man in six galaxies.After a particularly bad sales quarter, Jack is looking for a new hire to bring in. The only problem is that he's hidden somewhere on Pandora.Also could be called "Where Rhys is super talented at making weapons and Jack wants him" He had to admit, he was disappointed.I don't see any problem with the background lighting, unless the poster was talking about the sky's reflection in the water. I think you stand out in this photo, and not just because of your attire, or lack there of. You already know I think you are absoultly gorgeous, but if I may, my only suggestion is, because you are so thin, watch out for poses that cause your bones and/or joints to stick out, unless that's the effect you're going for.

I have read some comments regaring your legs being long and thin but I think a bit of muscles may help with the shape..

Jack is afraid that he will end up treating Angel the way he was treated without even knowing it.

Rhys just wants to belong somewhere, more than anything in the world.

Somehow, the broken pieces of their lives all fit together.

The story begins right after Rhys demotion, the difference being that Jack is not dead - he's still the successful CEO of Hyperion.

Rhys has a dark secret to hide and it's not easy when you become the focus of Handsome Jack's attention.

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