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Shrimp dating wiki

Alan has Drake warm up in the audio booth while Alan tells Josh to sign what he calls a standard contract.

Josh tells Leah about how Drake will perform a song there in front of Alan Krim, a worker at Spin City Records.Crazy Steve's watch beeps, marking the time to get angry.Crazy Steve grabs an old man's cane and starts chasing Josh around the theater with the cane.That night, Helen, who was getting married to Buzz Baxter, lets her grandmother, Lula stay at the loft because of how many people were at her condo.Mindy arrives and fixes the corn dog rotisserie that Josh was unable to fix, impressing Helen.Josh introduces Alan to Drake and he performs his song, "Makes Me Happy" in front of Alan. Then, Crazy Steve's watch beeps again and he starts chasing Josh around the theater again. Then, Walter and Audrey tell Megan that Lula will be sleeping in her room and she'll be sleeping in Drake and Josh's room. At Spin City Records, Drake and Josh get introduced to Nick Mateo, the president of Spin City Records.

Later, Drake sees Megan eating sushi on his guitar to upset him. Alan tells Drake and Josh that Daka Shoes wants to air Drake's song during their commercial for their new Daka Air Puffs.

When Drake and Josh find out that the commercial would premiere during the Super Bowl, they slowly pass out.

In this sequel to Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, our story starts at The Premiere Movie Theater, where Josh accidentally ate Crazy Steve's enchilada.

Leah tells Josh who the enchilada belonged to, causing half-eaten enchilada to fall out of Josh's mouth.

Leah leaves when Steve goes toward Josh's direction.

Crazy Steve finds out what Josh did, but instead of flipping out, he tells Josh that his psychologist worked out a plan for him where he's only allowed to get angry four times a day and now was not the time.

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