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Singer treadle machine dating

Our Daily Topic for Monday, July 18, 2011 is – Part of the Full Picture. Old vintage sewing machine in its original wooden box with one drawer either side.

Bought a treadle operated singer sewing machine for $150.00. Linda watched her granny sew clothes on it until granny passed and linda,s momma got the machine.Don't know if that's a good deal or not but I had been wanting one for a long time and when it came up for sale on craigslist I just had to get it. Lindas momma had it till she passed in 2006 then Linda got it.Linda doesn't see and needs the space this was taking up so she reluctantly sold it.She was glad to see it go to someone who appreciates fine machinery and can fix things.There are some just like it, but in much better shape, available for sale on e Bay. because we are cleaning out my mother’s house to get it ready to sell.But this one is rusty and the cabinet is falling apart. But before it got thrown onto the scrap metal pile, I preserved some of it’s fine details in a few photographs. I asked her (and moved back onto her porch) to hold the White for me (gotta talk to hubby, first)!

The Sphinx decals are absolutely fascinating to me. The lady whose house this sat in front of, husband collected antique sewing machines and clocks and she was not interested in keeping them, because she was going to move nearer to her family.

Imagine the Singer Sewing Machine company taking the time to make these ornate machines and think about what today’s new "plastic" versions look like…

I told her when I restored it I'd send her a video of me sewing on it.

My first project will be adding a zipper to the windshield curtains on my truck.

This old Singer Sphinx Treadle Sewing Machine has been sitting in my mother’s basement for years.

I tried, over the years, to sell it in yard sales and even put a "FREE" sign on it once, but no one was interested.

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