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Smart women intimidating

Women, she said, are genetically predisposed to prefer sweeter tastes, with greater sensitivity to bitterness.As a result, cocktails and alcoholic drinks aimed at women tend to be sweet — as an attempt to mask the burn — and colorful (because, you know, pink will make anything more palatable).

Others, like Yale University’s David Katz, said some of our gender-driven eating can be explained by evolution.Men, as hunters, see meat as a reward and also need more protein than woman in order to build muscle mass.“Men and women have differences in physiology which might have to do with access to different kinds of food,” said Katz, who is the director of Yale’s Prevention Research Center.That is, the different caloric requirements of men and women may be because we had differing access to foods as cavemen and cavewomen. Another factor, Katz said, is the different hormonal composition of men and women.Bros may have stopped icing bros, but we’ve yet to see the last of the sexist idea behind the game — that a man can be humiliated by being forced to chug a drink associated with girls.Girls soon started Busching girls, replacing the bottle of Smirnoff Ice with cans of Busch beer.

This time, the idea was to embarrass women by making them drink bottles of a vile brew otherwise seen in the hands of manly men.

So what is it with certain foods (and drinks) getting the boys vs. There may be a few male stars — like Joaquin Phoenix and Tobey Maguire — who are vegetarians, and women may be joining the ranks of bloody-aproned butchers, but in the American consciousness, real men still don’t eat quiche and women stick with chocolate, tofu and yogurt.

This could easily be the handiwork of the evil geniuses on Madison Avenue, but might these clichés also arise from some long-buried grain of truth?

Are genetic differences responsible for our gendered eating?

How many of our eating patterns come from gender socialization, and how many are hereditary?

And why is it that food rarely seems to be categorized this way outside the U. Marcia Pelchat is a sensory psychologist specializing in food and beverage selection at the Monell Chemical Senses Center.

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