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Socially acceptable dating age

Men may be practically regarding this, but in reality, they prefer to be with a younger woman because of their ‘natural’ demand, desire and command of respect and submission (cooperation).When it comes to mere sexual relationships also, older men have age preferences that may be way than the rule would prescribe.

But the same man may prefer a woman in her 40s for a serious relationship or marriage, which does map much more closely to the rule’s predictions.What is the acceptable and perfect age to start a relationship? These and more related questions often creep up in conversations but hardly ever get definite answers.Applying the “half your age plus seven” rule to the guys and flipping it to the ladies might, if we choose to follow it, guide us to our dating decisions. the society accepts a 26 year-old guy dating a 20, but not a 19 year-old girl.Flipping the rule for a lady, since the society believes (whether verbally stated or not) that a woman should be younger than her man, she can take ‘Her Age’ minus 7, and then double the answer.So for a 28-year old lady, she would not be able to date anyone above the age of 42, the society says.Can this rule really apply to an average guy and girl?

And can we rely on it to choose our dating partners?

First, we need to consider the gender preferences for relationships at different levels of involvement, and ask ‘how does this rule apply to each gender and what preferences determine their choices when it comes to marriage, serious and casual relationships?

’ Often times, men basically operate (consciously or otherwise) by the rule for minimum age preferences when it comes to ‘marital relationships’ especially, and of course, serious dating as well.

Generally, men do not in the real-world and especially in this part of it, go all out for women older than them, except for “” reasons.

Some would rather accept partners whose ages hover around their own age through their 40s.

But after the age of 40, most men’s preferences remain for women lower than their own age.

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