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Speed dating events in bromley

Here we take a brief look at the history and the options that are talked about and see how realistic they are. Next to the station is the bus station where many routes terminate.

To put the usage in context, Bromley South (a major station) is almost ten times busier than Bromley North.The nature the traffic at the two stations is completely different however as Bromley South is busy throughout the week whilst Bromley North is primarily a rush-hour station.Elmstead Woods station is located in a rural setting about 2 km NE of Bromley North.Instinct would tell you that it would be much quieter than Bromley North but even that station manages almost double the passenger traffic.This is probably explained by the fact that, being on the main line, the service is much better.The only other station on the branch is Sundridge Park.

It is so close to Bromley North that the ‘home’ signal for Bromley North that tells the driver which platform he is entering is actually located on the down platform at Sundridge Park.

Surprisingly, despite being so close to Bromley North, it has about half the number of passengers that Bromley North has.

The branch line from Grove Park to Bromley North is only one and a half miles long.

It has but two stations (excluding Grove Park itself) and those two are ridiculously close to each other.

Traffic by London standards is pretty minimal and indeed there is no service on Sundays.

Despite this, the branch attracts attention like no other in London because of the conviction of many people from the Mayor downwards that this is really an under-utilised asset that could be used more effectively.

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