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Updating ecdis

BEGIN keywords are replaced with the START keyword to keep smart systems from processing the data prior to reception by the ECDIS.

Interoperability considerations: Adherence to MIME-Standards and version-numbering shall ease interoperability of various products from different vendors.From [email protected] Mon May 5 1997 Date: Mon, +0200 To: [email protected] Subject: MIME-Registration application/vnd.ecdis-update Subject: Registration of media type application/vnd.ecdis-update MIME media type name: application MIME subtype name: vnd.ecdis-update Description: This MIME-type is intended for distribution of digital Notices to Mariners (Nt M).Digital Nt Ms are used to automatically update machine readable sea charts that are stored to Electronic Navigational Chart and Display Systems (ECDIS).ECDIS is a computer-based navigation system which is specified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).For further information see ' Required parameters: format = "S-57" IHO format for update information version = "3.0" version of S-57 format in use vendor = "7Cs" vendor of ECDIS software Optional parameters: encoding = "s57stripped" S-57 header is stripped packing = "zip" for now, only "zip" is used Encoding considerations: Because messages of this type may be sent through older and non-standard mail systems, data is uuencoded and sent in 7-bit ASCII.This information is to advise customers to arrange and complete necessary JRC ECDIS software upgrade as soon as possible.

(Not applicable for ARCS) In accordance with IMO SN. 266/Rev.1 and IHO ENC/ECDIS DATA PRESENTATION AND PERFORMANCE CHECK FOR SHIPS, latest software upgrade is highly recommended by IMO and IHO if ECDIS is used as a primary means of navigation.

ECDIS which are not upgraded to the latest version of the ECDIS Product Specification or the S-52 Presentation Library may be unable to correctly display the latest charted features.

Published specification: Published specification available to ECDIS manufacturers through 7Cs (see ' Applications which use this media type: ECDIS Applications of various vendors ENC Messenger (Update Distribution Application manufactured by 7Cs) Additional information: Magic number(s): -none- File extension(s): -none- Macintosh File Type Code: -none- Person & email address to contact for further information: Seven Cs - Entwicklungsesellschaft fuer Geo-Informatik mb H Mr. Buettgenbach [email protected] Intended usage: Limited to navigation systems Author/Change controller: Seven Cs - Entwicklungsesellschaft fuer Geo-Informatik mb H Mr.

From January 2014 the latest version of the IHO standard (S-63 Edition 1.1) will become compulsory. If the ECDIS has not been upgraded to S-63 Edition 1.1 by January 2014, they will no longer meet the IHO standards and therefore no longer be compliant. If you have installed the software on the ECDIS models mentioned below you automatically comply with the new S-63 1.1 standard.

The permit file version number will change and all ECDIS users must use a new certificate file (IHO. Please carefully check during installation if the ECDIS has the latest software installed.

Legacy JRC ECDIS models not listed will not support the new S-63 1.1 standard.

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