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Just last September, the former power station for Shoreditch’s tram system (dating back to 1905) was hosting its second year of London Design Festival activities.The distinguished old space had serious presence, it made for a spectacular addition to the design festival’s many venues – but, in truth, was crying out for a permanent lodger. However, you’ll have by now noticed something that’s not typically routine for a swanky new dining hotspot.

– a Hereford cow and cockerel preserved in a steel and glass tank of formaldehyde – stands ominously over the dining room that serves, wait for it, a stripped back menu of just chicken, and steak.From the down-market to the high-roller joints, they all have one thing in common: a bright advertisement-cum-entrance each vying to steal the attention from all the other surrounding hotspots. The defunct and decommissioned signs of Las Vegas have a new resting place – the Neon Boneyard – looking more like a scrapyard for crapped-out motors, minus the usual pair of mangy curs on a chainlink leash keeping out the skiprats.But where do these signs go when they’ve blown a fuse, or when their venue gets a makeover? There you can take a walk through a dilapidated but fascinating collection of signs dating back to the 1930s.The more edifying edifice of the visitors centre was in a former life the lobby of the La Concha Motel, designed in the early 60s by Paul William Revere, restored and transplanted to the museum’s resting place on Las Vegas Boulevard.If old school lighting is a turn-on but you can’t make it to Vegas, you might like Warsaw’s Cold War-era neon museum.Part of the divisive artist’s infamous series, it’s a major new commission (you wouldn’t want to think how much something like this would cost, Hix must surely be a pal?

), and pretty much gives Hix’s new gaff instant access to an exclusive club of some of the world’s most inspired dining rooms – there’s a second work too, , a painting of 1990s cartoon characters Cow and Chicken. The only drawback, I guess, is that we’ve hardly even mentioned the food…

It’s all mightily impressive, even Hirst’s haters (and there’s plenty of them lining up to take a shot) would have to agree, and there’s a basement art gallery on the way too. here’s hoping all of Hix’s experience will ensure diners don’t do the same.

*Happy Dance*I'm bursting with excitement and have no idea how I'll sleep tonight. Yes, movement for all the other families who now fall under the new law and will travel twice.

It's happening and I can't wait to see more court date announcements!

Las Vegas is a shining beacon of everything that’s bad for you (gambling, boozing, getting married), and what gives the capital of vice most of its shine?

The megawatt signs that entice punters both seasoned and naïve alike into the open arms of the casinos, that’s what.

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