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When do calleigh and eric start dating

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We just had to do this for ourselves." Calleigh said in a quiet tone. He had already opened three letters, but he had to say the one he had just opened what most defiantly not what he had expected. He was reading over it, trying to make sure he had this right and his mind wasn't playing some joke on him. We should have been there." He explained."Horatio, we will. He had just gotten his mail from the receptionist desk. It made him aware of something going on he had no idea of whatsoever. Horatio could tell they were starting to get not only nervous, but scared that he was mad."I'm not mad; I'm just slightly disappointed I couldn't be there.He stopped right when he saw the heading on the top on the letter; he then stopped to look at the outside on the envelope. But he was right, the letter clearing stated, "This couldn't be right. He sent them both a page and waited until they came into his office."You wanted to see us Horatio?He knew Calleigh and Eric were dating, but they didn't get married. " Calleigh asked."Yes, come in." He said as he stood up from behind his desk and leaned against the front of it."Have a seat." He said.You're the closet thing I've ever had to a real father figure. She had already tried on about twenty dresses, but she had to say she liked this one the best too. As he watched her walk closer and closer towards him, he felt his knees get weaker and weaker, as the smile on her face grew wider and wider.

But if you don't want to-" She was cut off by Horatio again."It would be my honor." He said."Really? " Calleigh gave him a hug."Congratulations, you guys deserve each other." Horatio said as Eric stood up. And I was thinking we could go wedding dress shopping." She said excitedly."Oh, haha, well, sure.""Okay, when do you want to go try on wedding dresses? Calleigh and Eric were laying in the couch watching TV when Calleigh brought up what Natalia had earlier."Natalia and I are going wedding dress shopping tomorrow." She said lightly."Really, you don't seem too excited about it." He said."I am, I'd just rather stay home with you." She said giving him a kiss."Well, you have the rest of your life to stay home with me. Calleigh was wearing a white strapless wedding dress with a sweet heart top. It was just plain white until it got about to her belly button. "Yeah," she said with a smile."Okay, let's do this." All the bridesmaids went down the isle, it was her turn now. Eric thought he had had a heart attack when he saw Calleigh. Soon Horatio was giving a reassuring smile and was handing her to Eric."You're too gorgeous for words," He whispered in her ear.

A couple months later…Calleigh was sitting in her ballistics lab when Natalia can up to her."Hey Calleigh," She said. We've looked at some stuff, but never actually started planning it. " She asked."Um, I don't know.""How about tomorrow, we both have the day off." She said."Sure, what time? So have fun tomorrow." She said giving her a kiss back."You're right," she said. Then it went down in a cone shape and was more of a cream color. " He asked."Yeah, I'm fine, just kind of nervous for some reason." She said biting her lip."It's okay to be nervous." He said putting a hand on her shoulder. That seemed to help calm her down."Thanks," She said."Are you ready? She smiled and blushed."Do you take Calleigh Duquesne to be your wife?

He watched as they exchanged a glance and did as they were told and sat down."I got a letter that wasn't mine by mistake," He started. Delko." He said."Oh god," Calleigh mumbled as she put her hand over her mouth. Horatio could tell they were starting to get not only nervous, but scared that he was mad."I'm not mad; I'm just slightly disappointed I couldn't be there.

He watched as Calleigh and Eric share and confused and concerned look."And? "Horatio, let us explain-" She started but was cut off my Horatio holding up his hand."I know that it's not really any of my business, but," Horatio pondered on what to say next."When were you planning on telling me the news? We should have been there." He explained."Horatio, we will.

We just had to do this for ourselves." Calleigh said in a quiet tone."We were planning on having a real wedding, but Calleigh's right.

We had to do this for ourselves." Eric explained."I understand. When you're ready to have the wedding, I'll be here, just let me know if you need any help." He said with a smile."Actually Horatio," Calleigh started in a quiet voice. "I was wondering if you would walk me down the isle.

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