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Who is saffron burrows currently dating

The actor is distinctive no matter how you see him in a role. After an eight-year marriage to actress Hilary Lyon and a two-year relationship with actress Saffron Burrows, Cumming married his husband, graphic artist Grant Shaffer, in the U. He identifies as bisexual, even though he’s now married a man. My sexuality has never been black and white; it’s always been gray.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, or having sex with anyone or not,” he says. Now Cumming has got me questioning my homosexuality — and thinking about Salma Hayek again.As some leaders in the bisexual movement define it, being bisexual means being attracted to your own gender and other genders.And all of those studies that aim to estimate the size of the LGBT population finds bisexuals are a larger group than gays and lesbians combined — but you wouldn't know it if looking for prominent voices in entertainment.While Cumming is always clear about being bisexual, the media hasn't always paid careful attention to his identity.In a recent example, Cumming made headlines for starring in his "Celibacy Challenge" video that mocked the FDA for banning any man who has sex with another man from donating blood for one year afterward.“When I was writing about the painful, physically abusive moments, it was like a cloud was over me — but I got past it.” “Reading it aloud for the audio book version was actually more difficult than writing it,” he says.

“It made me realize how intense it is — and the fact that I’m sharing it is going to have a big impact on some people.” Since coming out as bisexual in 1998, Cumming has been a tireless and outspoken activist for LGBT equality, but he notes that each victory requires renewed focus.

“There’s been a big change in the LGBT activist world now that gay marriage is spreading like wildfire,” he says.

Some media reported the video and lumped Cumming in with the label "gay," irking bisexual activists who often experience their identities being glossed over.

Cumming explored his early years and emerging sexual identity in his 2002 novel , which was re-released last year in paperback.

“It’s about being the age I was, the lifestyle I was in, and how difficult it is to deal with the urges you have as a man,” he says.

“It’s definitely autobiographical in terms of what happened, and my ethos at the time.” In 2014, his frank memoir was published, which included some extremely personal revelations about his childhood and family.

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