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Www thedatingoptimist com

If you think it can’t be done on time and under budget–then give me a call.I managed to research, write, and publish a book that I sold to Random House…all while juggling three kids and a hyperactive dog.

Perhaps I'm being overly optimistic, but next year HAS to be better than this year.I have been a freelance writer, instructional designer, and marketing consultant for more than 15 years.Before I went freelance, I worked as marketing director for two niche medical publishers.I also spent six fun-filled years as marketing manager for two beer wholesalers.I love helping my clients craft compelling, succinct, copy that captures who they are and what they do.This past year has been one of the hardest years I've had to go through.

Yes, I know: no one died, no one got cancer, no major car accidents, but emotionally, its taken its toll on my and I'm done with it. The only good thing that has come out of this year has been getting a new job that I don't hate which has lead to some new cool friends and a community of coworkers.

I've had injuries, accidents, a broken heart (a few times over). I've learned new things and everyday, I at least know I've helped one person. Sadly, the pay isn't very much and having lived by myself in NW Portland, taking care of myself, this feels pretty shitty.

Nothing thrills me more than diving into stack of papers, notes and background material and turning it into an award-winning annual report or brochure.

I also make sure that whatever I write meets the client’s goal.

There’s no point in writing clever copy if it doesn’t drives sales, increase awareness, or tell your story.

I can tackle just about any kind of project thrown my way; from scripts, to web copy to training documents.

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